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If there is one word to describe porta cabins, it would be versatile! Indeed they are. Porta cabins can be used as prefab site offices, security cabins, cottages, container homes, control room, medical testing labs, pathology labs and the list goes on. The other biggest advantage of porta cabins is its ability to customise. You can choose the dimensions, design, colour schemes and get your porta cabin customised according to your taste and requirements.

Porta cabins are multi-purpose. For instance, a porta cabin built for site office can be turned into a kiosk, shop, bar etc. That said, the ability to customise a porta cabin is limitless. Besides small cabins for offices and shops, porta cabins have bigger applications in the commercial building segment as well. Modular construction is growing rapidly over the last few years. Credit goes to porta cabins. They are a great option for creating retail space for small businesses.